Women Leaders Share How Value Drives Success

One of the most important books of our times, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, (Laura Ries, 1998) explained how great companies stay true to their values and message. In today’s digital world of social media this has become even more important; employees, customers and the global community can make or break a company seemingly overnight based on the integrity of the company’s character.

To me, women are the future of leadership. As my readers know I have publicly set the goal of 50 women fortune 500 CEOs (to date we are only at 24, and there are more Fortune 500 CEOs with the first name John than there are women!) So I thought it would be important to ask 7 great women leaders two questions: how values drive their organization and their advice on communicating values. Dottie Herman’s responses are below!

Robert Reiss: Talk about the values that drive your organization.

Dottie Herman: At Douglas Elliman we value honesty, integrity, innovation, and the development of each and every individual within the organization. Being a brand that has been in business for over one hundred years, we are committed to excellence and distinguish ourselves on being the go-to source for information, education, and the latest information in real estate trends. At Douglas Elliman, we supply our agents, employees, and customers with the latest market reports, with regards to the real estate market trends, market conditions and sales in every market, in which we serve. We truly pride ourselves with being the go to source for anything pertaining to real estate. As a result, this allows Douglas Elliman to be a leading force within the real estate industry.

Reiss: How do you communicate your values?

Dottie Herman: Douglas Elliman illustrates a clear vision from the top, which is openly communicated on a regular basis by various members of the leadership team. This is done through monthly and regional meetings, company seminars, and the use of telecommunications throughout the year. By delivering a clear vision, this allows for effective communication within the organization and promotes a corporate culture that express the value of teamwork, excellence, all while exceeding our customers expectations. By creating a strong corporate culture within Douglas Elliman, this allows for an entrepreneurial and creative spirit for all employees and sales agents. Through retreats and conferences, and installing a strong corporate culture, the entire Douglas Elliman team comes together regularly to learn and grow together as one company, and the importance of the word team.

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