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Key Lessons Learned in 2023

Key Lessons Learned in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of real estate and entrepreneurship, adaptation and learning from the past are essential. 2023 has been a year filled with valuable insights, and here are some key takeaways:

Digital Transformation is Non-Negotiable: The events of the past few years have accelerated the need for digital transformation in both real estate and entrepreneurship. Virtual tours, online marketing, and remote workspaces are no longer just options; they’re necessities. Those who embraced digital tools and strategies thrived, while others struggled to keep up.

Location Dynamics are Shifting: In real estate, the mantra “location, location, location” remains relevant, but the definition of an ideal location has evolved. Remote work trends have reshaped the demand for suburban and rural properties. Entrepreneurs are no longer bound by geography, opening up new opportunities in unexpected places.

Sustainability is the Future: Sustainable practices are no longer just a buzzword. They are fundamental to the real estate industry and entrepreneurship. Eco-friendly buildings, renewable energy sources, and ethical business practices are not only good for the environment but also attract conscientious consumers and investors.

Embrace Flexibility: The ability to pivot and adapt quickly has never been more crucial. Entrepreneurs and real estate professionals who could adjust their strategies in response to changing market conditions came out ahead. Flexibility in business plans, lease agreements, and investment strategies is a valuable skill.

Mentorship Matters: As a mentor yourself, Dottie, you know the importance of guidance and support. In 2023, mentorship played a significant role in the success of many entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights can help the next generation navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Resilience is Key: Unforeseen challenges, from global crises to market fluctuations, will always be part of the landscape. Building resilience, both personally and professionally, is a valuable asset. Entrepreneurs and real estate experts who could weather storms and keep moving forward found themselves on a path to long-term success.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of transformation and adaptation for both real estate and entrepreneurship. Embracing digital tools, rethinking location dynamics, prioritizing sustainability, staying flexible, offering mentorship, and building resilience are all key lessons we can take into the future. These insights will undoubtedly shape the strategies and decisions of the next generation of real estate professionals and entrepreneurs as they continue to learn and grow.


  1. Dear Dottie,

    I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing your latest blog post, “Key Lessons Learned in 2023.” Your insights are not only enlightening but also resonate deeply with my own experiences. Your wisdom has always been a guiding light for many, including myself.

    Ever since you were my CEO at Douglas Elliman back in 2007, you’ve always been an inspiration, an awesome role model, and someone I have long trusted too. The lessons you’ve highlighted, such as resilience and adaptability, are timeless and crucial for success. Your ability to distill complex ideas into actionable takeaways is truly commendable.

    While reflecting on your points, I couldn’t help but think about the transformative trends that have inspired me in 2023, particularly in the realms of web3, metaverse, DeFi, crypto, tokenization, and artificial intelligence. These areas have ignited my passion and creativity, and I believe they will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our industries in 2024 and beyond.

    Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration, and I look forward to staying connected and learning from your continued wisdom.

    With admiration and respect,

    Geoff De Weaver

  2. Nicely detailed,And look forward to reading more .

  3. Donna Shaw says:

    Hi Dottie,
    You are spot on with your insights for 2024. I am a Real Estate agent for many years in Essex County NJ. I specialize in residential properties in Short Hills, Millburn, Maplewood, etc: which offers a Mid-Town Direct Train into NYC. Since Covid, many homeowners are working remotely from home. In the last 6 months they are now required to go back into their offices in NYC approx. 3 days a week, therefore, the train commute is not as imperative as it was prior to covid. We do have to adapt and embrace digital tools, re-think how we proceed forward and re-think location as you stated.

    You are an inspiration and have a pulse on the industry which continues to make you a successful entrepreneur.

    • Dottie says:

      I know that area well! Thank you so much for your feedback, it means the world to me. I really love sharing my expertise and hope it helps those who are still in the trenches. xo

  4. Karen Hisiger says:

    Dottie you inspire me. You are a ⭐ star. Thank you for sharing your insites.

  5. Victoria says:

    Excellent information and advice.

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