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MA Jones asked 5 years ago

I am a long time listener. Today you discussed getting your RE license with “Esther”, the owner of a RE school.  You & Esther failed to mention that when you take the NYS license exam, the form asks for the name of your sponsor, meaning you need to have a broker sponsor you.  Five yrs ago I asked the owner and broker of the RE firm I used to sell my house and buy my coop to sponsor me & I would pay their fee (which was $70).  They both refused.  I am positive it was because of my age, which was 65 at the time.  I love real estate but gave up the dream at this point because of how hard it would be to find a broker to sponsor me at this age.  Also, when you do have your license, your commission is small and each office has a different percentage formula.   I think your audience should be made aware of these issues.  Thank you.

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Dottie Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi MA Jones,
Thank you for listening to Eye on Real Estate!
I am sorry you had a bad experience. I would suggest going to multiple brokers. If one broker wouldn’t sponsor you it doesn’t mean that another broker wouldn’t. It is just like a job if you don’t get a job on the first or second interview you should go to others. Never give up on your dreams – it is never too late.
I work with brokers in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who are still active and making money.
I will answer your question here on this week’s show.