Dot Complicated on Sirius XM

Dot Complicated on Sirius XM

Congratulations! Dottie Herman was featured on Dot Complicated on Sirius XM, which went aired live on July 18, 2018.

The episode discussed what it means to be a self-made woman, and featured Dottie’s expert advice on women in business and financial empowerment. In the episode, Dottie talked about her experience in entrepreneurship and stated “I really learned that culture is important. When there’s a common goal besides an individual goal, think people work harder not to let the team down.”

Dottie was credited as the CEO of real estate brokerage firm Douglas Elliman, one of America’s richest self-made women, and the “most influential woman in real estate.”

Dot Complicated on Sirius XM is a fun, entertaining, educational, and approachable way to discuss all of the latest trends and topics in technology, and how they’re affecting our modern lives and is hosted by Randi Zuckerburg.

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